ArtIst Statement

My paintings depict scenes of people enjoying their lives in San Francisco. One of the reasons I love San Francisco is that it is a city of twelve neighborhoods each with its own personality, cafes, markets, street fairs, and sporting events.  Everyday, I encounter an endless supply of inspirational scenes.

I bring my own values to my work.  My family is the most important part of my life so I am drawn to scenes of children and grandchildren.  Oceans and bays have always been special to me so in many of my scenes, I attempt to capture people enjoying themselves on the water.  As an artist, I enjoy the challenge of painting the figure and a number of my works involve nudes. Recently, I have been working on a series of sports paintings that focus on scenes of grace and skill.

I use photos and sketches to format my work, proceed with a study and use the study as a guide as I complete the larger painting.  I work in both oil and acrylic, and my works show a style that is quite loose and often borders on the abstract.  I believe paintings should be interactive and convey an image that is different for each viewer.  I use a palette knife a great deal, but brushwork is an important element for me so sometimes I push unrelated colors together because I like the way they look as I hope viewers will agree.

Artists who have influenced my work include Matisse, Diebenkorn, Soutine, Kokoschka and the Fauves.  Many of my sports paintings have been inspired by the work of Leroy Neiman. I am an optimist by nature, and although I believe my paintings should evoke thought and stimulate the imagination, I also hope to bring a smile to the viewer.

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